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Hi, my name is Jacklyn and I am 19 years old, tea and coffee addict, with a soft spot for music, movies, and books. I am a life-long Michigander and a sophomore at Ball State University.


my favorite part of hamlet is at the beginning when they see the ghost of hamlet sr for the first time

and the guards are like “Horatio, you go talk to it! You went to college!”

and Horatio is like “Yeah! I did go to college! I will go talk to the ghost!”

like. where did horatio go to college. did he go to ghost college


"I wasn’t mad; I was confused. Everyone was talking, talking, talking at me and I couldn’t understand a word they were saying, and then their voices became a blur, and soon I couldn’t even recognize their faces… I feel like I am still there… spinning ‘round and ‘round and ‘round… and the ride won’t stop…"

Uptown Girls (2003)


if you’re thinking something nice about someone you should always say it


These real-life Rosie the Riveters changed the face of labor

Vintage photos from the library of congress capture a time when the country ran on womanpower

Adding most of my music from high school back on my phone. I missed hearing DCFC and Oasis a little too much. 


Idk what this is but it’s making me emotional

The mom that I nanny for lets me put Bailey’s in my coffee…. So naturally, I have had coffee four times today.